古事記Kojiki 日本書紀Nihon Shoki 万葉集Man'yoshu

The Objectives of the Foundation

  • IT
    • Developing smartphone applications for ruins tours (Kofun App): local heritage maps, information on old tombs, self-tour guides, transportation guides, AR feature
    • Developing a collaboration application of the Nara ruins community: establishing and promoting collaborations between local businesses around historical ruins and archaeological heritages in Nara
    • Marketing / PR support
      • Posting articles to travel review sites (starting with posts by advocates to advertise heritages of Nara and the Kofun App)
      • Advertising local businesses/shops on the Kofun App
  • Tourism Promotion
    • Support for commercialization of archaeological tours for tourists visiting from outside Nara, especially foreigners
    • Promotion of business collaboration: travel business, mutual cooperation between shops (restaurants, lodgings, activities, etc.), sharing information and collaborating activities on archaeological tours and Kofun App
  • Archaeological Heritage Community
    • Looking for supporters/advocates, requesting companies and organizations for support, partnerships and cooperation
    • Requesting public institutions for cooperation
    • Supporting for collaboration with local businesses near ruins and heritages
    • Regional revitalization through promotion of sightseeing in ruins and tombs