古事記Kojiki 日本書紀Nihon Shoki 万葉集Man'yoshu


The Foundation will develop a smartphone application that makes ruins sightseeing fun and activates the ruins tourism. Specifically, we will develop a travel guide software that allows tourists from outside Nara and foreign countries to visit archaeological ruins and tombs in Nara on their own, and to enjoy ruins visits by using app-specific features, such as AR (augmented reality) to see past buildings virtually. We will revitalize ruins sightseeings so that eventually would revitalize Nara.

  • Travel Guide Software (especially for foreign tourists visiting Nara)
    We offer an innovative solution for foreign tourists to enjoy visiting ruins and ancient tombs in Nara. Even if you don’t have knowledge about Nara’s ancient tombs and heritages, you can enjoy sightseeing by discovering historical cultural properties that you can be interested in according to Japan’s historical narratives, out-of-the-box tours, themes, and map navigations.
  • AR (Augmented Reality)
    On the app, you can see a lot of virtual images of old buildings as AR, only while you are exactly at certain heritage sites. These images were created from the results of excavations and researches on corresponded tombs.
  • Stamp Rallies
    You can enjoy stamp rallies on the app. By selecting a tour according to a specific theme which you are interested in and then visiting the ruins one by one, you can record the visits of ruins, and you will get a certificate when completing the certain tour. After that, you can share the prize picture with your friends by using an SNS or saving the image.