古事記Kojiki 日本書紀Nihon Shoki 万葉集Man'yoshu

Tours of Tombs, Ruins, and Archaeological Heritages in Nara

As tours of the Yayoi Period and the Kofun Period of Japan, the Foundation organizes planning sightseeing courses related to Japanese mythologies and local nature with partner organizations. We will revitalize Nara by commercializing the ruins tourism for tourists interested in Nara’s ancient tombs and heritages.

Activities (Planned)

  • Ruins Tours: The Foundation tie-ups with local supporting organizations in Nara, and commercializes model tours that represent the era of Japanese mythologies, ancient tombs and natural tours along tombs and archaeological heritages.
  • Recreational Facilities: By incorporating them into our ruins tours, for instance, you can use hot spring facilities built for the purpose of regional development.
  • Local Gourmet / Restaurants / Activities: The local gourmet will be introduced with ruins tours to revitalize local businesses.
  • Supporting Marketing of Local Businesses: We will coordinate local businesses with ruins tours in the app to help with business marketing.